Health tips to stay in shape after 50 years

At an age, it may seem more difficult to keep fit, but it’s all about fitness and finding an activity that fulfills us and encourages us to exercise. Everyone should have healthy habits throughout their lives. However, after 50 and after menopause or andropause, it is essential to try to stay in shape to ensure self-well-being and enjoy a good quality of life. Here we will give you some health tips to improve your health if you have already reached 5 decades. Take note!

There is No Excuse to be Healthy If You are Over 50

Formerly a person who had already formed his family and was close to retirement was considered an “old man”. For this reason, it was strange to see a person of a certain age participating in physical activities and attending gyms.

In turn, the person fell into a sedentary lifestyle and other habits that, far from helping them to enjoy health and energy, plunged them into a kind of lethargy or boredom.

Fortunately, things have changed, and today,  50 is a good time to improve habits and adopt new routines. This has also changed in terms of medicine, since it was previously thought that, for example, for a woman after menopause it was risky to exercise. It is now known that the benefits of sport are many at any age.

Tips to Stay in Shape After 50

Whether you’ve been in sports all your life or you’ve never been to an academy, it’s very important that you follow an appropriate exercise routine.  For this reason, at 50 it is still essential to attend to the doctor’s recommendations, even with regard to physical activity.

Determine Your Goals

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What do you want to exercise for? It can be to lose weight, improve balance, have good health, or strengthen certain parts of the body. Or maybe to clear your mind a bit, put stress aside, or just unwind, have fun, and meet new people. Knowing what your goal is will keep you motivated

Find a Suitable Activity

This means that it should be tailored to your age, your physical build, your skills, and your experience. It seems impossible, but it is not. Try all the activities you want until you find the right one.  You will realize what it is when you don’t want to miss any class.

Enter Exercise into Your Life Without Pressure

Determine how much time you will dedicate to exercise per day or per week, and try to maintain a balance between the time you need to dedicate (for health) and the time you want to dedicate (for pleasure, etc.).

The idea is that you introduce exercise in your life in a way that makes it easier for you so that you do not regret doing it or maintaining the habit over time.

Organize an agenda, a calendar, or schedule if you prefer, write down in a notebook or notepad what you have done and what you have not, and use that as a reference to improve.

Consider Exercise a Pleasure

Staying in shape is a long-term task. Therefore, if you do not exercise for a day or two, nothing bad will happen, but avoid throwing your efforts overboard by returning to a sedentary lifestyle.

Change Your Diet

Do not forget that after a certain age, the metabolism changes.  Therefore, if you eat the same as before, you may find it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Also, the amounts and foods that you used to eat more regularly in your 20s may no longer work for you in terms of energy.

Exercises to Stay in Shape After 50


It is the basis of exercise and is recommended at any age. Best of all, you can walk anytime, anywhere. While it’s best to be outside, you can always use the gym treadmill when it’s cold or raining.

You can take the opportunity to go for a walk with your grandchildren or with your dog. One hour a day is advisable.  Wear comfortable shoes and walk at your own pace.


Life without music would not be life. And besides, dancing has many health benefits. Staying in shape at 50 can be the funniest thing in the world if we add funky songs to it.


Swimming is another of the sports that we can practice after menopause and andropause because it benefits us without making excessive efforts. You will be exercising without realizing it thanks to the action of the water.

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