Real Life Self Defense Review-IS this Scam? TRUTH EXPOSED!!


Real Life Self Defense Review – Is Real Life Self Defense Program Scam? Read Mike Westerdal’s Real Life Self Defense Book Review to find out before you buy it.

Product Name: Real Life Self Defense


Real Life Self Defense

Real Life Self Defense Review

Hi hi. Are you still looking for Real Life Self Defense Review? Make sure you are on the right side. It is tested by our review team and verified its effectiveness. They analyzed that there can be no doubt about the topic, point or level. Instead, you must rely on what Real Life Self Defense promises if it is the same, this product customers rated 5 stars. We want to emphasize that our clients have always received positive feedback about it because they are credible and creative.

In addition Real Life Self Defense market trading is high and growing day by day. The product launch team has won many customers. It offers you a professional 12-month session so that you can become experts in this field. I am a professional and write in this category so that more students or residents can explore their skills.

What exactly is Real LIfe Self Defense by Rob Pincus and Mike Westerdal?

Rob Pincus and Mike Westerdal Real LIfe Self Defense is a program that helps men and women defend themselves at the outset of crime. This program is a good study and will tell you exactly what to do to protect yourself and your family in danger. Over the last decade, criminal gangs have grown considerably, not because they are easy to use, such as knives and weapons, but because society has become weak. In contrast to the past, where people try to survive, people feel comfortable today because they can easily access key things such as food and shelter. As a result, modern society has weakened. Many years ago, criminal gang attacks were rare because people were strong. They did not need a lawyer to solve the problem. Crime gangs exploit human weakness, which is why they often attack innocent people.

According to the author, the biggest weapon you can have against an enemy is good knowledge and preparation, and that’s what Real Life Self Defense will do. You will receive tips and tricks from one of the most respected tactical instructors in the world. After completing this program, in the worst case scenario, you will have everything to protect yourself and your family.

About the author:

Real Life Self Defense was created by Rob Pincus and Mike Westerdal, a respected management expert and well-known tactical trainer who teaches elite employees and citizens to deal with difficult situations. Mike means hardness. But his hardness was not easy. When he was a small child, he was the smallest, the weakest and grew because of constant abuse and violence. However, thanks to determination and training, he is able to overcome all challenges and therefore he decided to share his secrets so that others could think again when there is any danger.



How Does Real LIfe Self Defense Work?

Some programs are designed to teach you self-defense, including various techniques. Real Life Self Defense goes a step further and shows these techniques in the film that you can see again.

In these movies, you’ll see not only real-time self-defense tactics, but you’ll also see how they work as self-defense specialists, so you can get the full form and technique.

What you will learn from Real LIfe Self Defense:

  • How to get a guide because most people think that controlling their minds is not possible. Of course, it will not happen.
  • How to systematically reduce your fear and overcome fear quickly, using fear to teach the mind of peace in the face of danger.
  • Killer question nr. 1, which you should ask yourself if you are afraid (forgetting that it may be the difference between life and death).Real Life Self Defense
  • With a simple “30-second thinking switch” you can simply touch your head to change the sensation of anxiety by 180 degrees.
  • In Real Life Self Defense, you can find out how you can consciously manage your thoughts and get rid of self-correcting beliefs and remove frustration to reach the plate.
  • Exercises and psychic methods that will help you focus and focus without distracting yourself from occasional thoughts and emotions.
  • How not to be a person who “lets your life happen” and how you create the life you want to live.
  • Show us how you use the Vegas technique to disrupt the attacker’s way of thinking to create tables.
  • Learn how to test your mind and control your mental abilities in the same way as pulling your body.
  • You can create a situational understanding of military quality that gives you the advantage when you need Real Life Self Defense.


  • Real Life Knife Defense
  • Rape Escape



  • Real LIfe Self Defense has good features.
  • The program is easy to understand.
  • Save your efforts thanks to Real LIfe Self Defense.
  • There is free coaching.


  • there is no such thing happened in Real Life Self Defense program.

Real Life Self Defense Review


100% money back guarantee if you have a complaint. Real LIfe Self Defense really works, and this is proof that our clients praise the product for its effectiveness and long life.

We support when there is a problem and only one connection has been removed. If you need real success with Real LIfe Self Defense, we recommend Real Life self-defense. You can try it for 60 days without any risk from our discount below.


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