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EMP Protocol Review: Mr. Dan F. Sullivan Wrote a Survival Book named “EMP Protocol”. This Book contains EMP Protocol Techniques. Read my “EMP Protocol Review” article before you buy it.

Product Name : EMP Protocol

Author Name : Dan F. Sullivan

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EMP Protocol

EMP Protocol Review

Did you know that the bulk of the media has recently created a dreadful secrets, such as the fears of people’s minds and the peaceful, human-disassembled disasters that have been hidden by the government? How to protect your love, your love and others from the crisis without any problems? How can your home blockade and live without electricity in the dark without meeting the basic needs of electric and electric components? If you want to keep your family safe, the EMP attacks If you want to survive in the dark even if the attacks are difficult, do not worry here. Dan F. Sullivan offers a wonderful EMP Protocol program that can show how to live with a life compression and how to increase your home and other electrical products. Therefore, this plan will help you learn simple steps that can guide you to be safe and secure without any disaster.

What is the EMP Protocol?

The EMP protocol is the easiest and most comprehensive EMP Survival System, you can find, and save your life and the lives of your loved ones. This product helps you maintain EMP attack by showing practical ways without electricity. It also includes bio-techniques in which the entire power grid will protect you drinking water, first aid classes, medicine, storage food, your equipment and the car even if you have light, heat and contacts.

With the EMP Protocol Package, you can be helpful in how to prepare the necessary information for the protection around you around you during this attack. This useful system reveals how to do a simple device that closes the electrical devices from EMP effects. Individuals are a breakthrough guide showing that the ELP can maintain an accident that will make all the emails ineffective and worse, bringing life back to dark times.

How Does EMP Protocol Course Works?

This EMP Protocol program is not only in the EMP attack case, but also for the worst class environment in any disasters. From this computer, let’s see how you can operate your devices. This EMP protocol software has 3 spell-free methods for creating your own power. Each of them confirms the implementation of your power sector. It is just as good as the $ 5000 Faraday Cage, using the common parts of your kitchen for about 20 minutes. All your products, food and water storage, generators and solar panels. You know only how to escape the EMP attack from this practice … but food, a mass epidemic, economic downturn and violent riots.

EMP Protocol Book

What will you learn from EMP Protocol?

  • You will know what to do with this guide from 1 to 30 days, so your family and you will be one of the few survivors in a small attack.
  • In this guide, you can learn a detailed list, or retain the EMP’s explosion. You can use this note at any time to purchase new equipment for your home.
  • This guide will help ensure a standard power supply to your home while conducting an EMP attack without trusting the power guide.
  • This guide can build and build cheap Faraday cages.
  • This EMP Protocol guide is a technique to do the repair quickly after an EMP explosion, learning useful information about framing basic hardware from scratch.
  • In this guide, you will learn a way to prevent others from accessing electricity after EMP and what you can do to prevent your entry from entering your home.

What will get inside from EMP Protocol?

  • Step-by-step videos and pictures on how to make these 3 Faraday boxes types that will protect your devices against even the strongest EMP. You don’t have to pay $30,000 for a copper chamber, or even $30 for Faraday cages advertised on various websites. We’ll show you how to make them for less than $5 bucks each… You get the exact materials for every type of box, plus step-by-step instructions. Plus, one of these types of cages is small and light enough to fit in your bug out bag…
  • What to do the moment an EMP happens. Whether you live in the city or on a farm, whether you’re bugging in or out, we’ll tell you how to move fast, stay safe and protect yourself and your family.
  • The 3 best ways to safely generate electricity post-collapse. Just keep the spare parts in Faraday shields, and you’ll have light for years to come.
  • 12 electronics you need to salvage in Faraday cages. Yes, flashlights and emergency radios are on the list, but if you truly want to be prepared for a long-term disaster, you definitely need the others.
  • How to hide the fact that you have electricity… If someone sees light in your window, or if your kid is playing outside with a flashlight, they’ll instantly know you have it. These stealth tactics are what you need to make sure no neighbor or even the law enforcement will take your devices.
  • How to prepare your vehicle for an EMP. Plus, a list of cars models that are sure to survive it.
  • How to make bug out bags, get home bags and everyday carry kits for you and your family, that work not just in EMPs, but in any kind of emergency. We’re going deep down the rabbit hole, covering every possible aspect, making sure all the items inside are protected against shocks, water, puncturing by sharp objects, and even theft.
  • How to bug out on foot. If your car won’t work, you’ll have no choice but to leave it behind. The roads could be dangerous, but fear not because we’ll tell you how to get to your bug out location safely and in record time.
  • Last but not least, we’re going to have a conversation about how to survive without electricity in the long hard years following an EMP event. Nothing is left out, including food and water procurement, hygiene and sanitation, alternative communication methods, and even things that are often overlooked such as home schooling


  • Bonus #1: Getting Home When SHTF: When an EMP strikes, you may have a few hours before everyone else finds out what’s happening and starts to panic… Whether you’ll bug in or out, home is where you’ll head to first. We’ll show you how to make sure you get there safe and in record time.
  • Bonus #2: Barter for Your Life: It teaches you real-world negotiation strategies that will be of huge importance post-collapse. If you think you can survive without other people, you’re very much mistaking. You’ll need them to get extra food, water, ammo and even medical help. I’ll give you specific things of what to do BEFORE you get to the meeting place. I’ll also share some very effective negotiation tactics that will always get you what you want, plus a simple trick to use when the other guy hesitates to always seal the deal.
  • Bonus #3: How to Prep under the Radar: It’ll give you lots of ideas on how to prepare without anyone suspecting you’re doing it. Many of the things you buy or do to prepare the same ones everyone does or buy if they’re into certain hobbies. I’ll give you a full list of things that will never raise any eyebrows from your neighbors, friends or co-workers.
  • Bonus #4&#5: Vital Survival Checklists Dan’s Top Survival Tools And Gear Recommendations: he last two bonuses are straight and to the point… They’re lists of things to do or buy for emergencies. No fancy talk, no fluff, just the items you need, plus checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything.



  • EMP Protocol Guide is very easy to follow and follow the instructions in the survival period.
  • Easy to use. It saves you time and saves you money.
  • Emps strike when you and your boyfriend can protect and all the other people even turn to barbarians.
  • This EMP Protocol program is preparing you in the worst case scenario. Not only in EMP attack case, but in any kind of disaster.
  • It has proven and tested techniques and techniques tested by scientists.
  • This EMP Protocol program is not just the EMP strike, but also the right solution to other terrible disasters, environments, economic collapse, mass infections and more.
  • A workbook for survival proves only the permanent black catastrophe situation.
  • It provides information on how to keep your electronics safe and secure.
  • The best way to find water sources and how to save heat-sensitive drugs.


  • This software increases with digital design, not a hard copy. Without Internet access, you can not buy this software.
  • The only real problem that can be pointed to the EMP protocol will expire soon due to the low cost offered by the EMP protocol.



I strongly recommend this project to anyone. EMP Protocol is not just an EMP solution, but a solution to any solution for the disaster situation, economic collapse and mass infections. This EMP Protocol guide includes a final block program so you can see exactly what you need to do with all the information on the start day. This provides an exceptional customer support service, which helps you in suspicious situations or occasions. EMP Protocol provides a 60-day money back guarantee until there is no risk. It is not a fraud, it is a fair and fairly honest product. If you have absolutely no satisfaction with any reason or reason for this system, you will only need to request a refund, and you will get 100% of your money immediately without ifs or Buts or Asked Questions.


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