Cellulite Disappear Review | Does it Really Work ?


Hi and welcome to our review about the Cellulite Disappear program by Dr. Helen Kirshner.

Like always, this review will be divided into 3 main sections:

  1. The basics section which focuses on the most important things that Dr. Helen Kirshner offers in her program.
  2. The pros and cons section that includes the primary advantages and disadvantages which we feel you have to know on Dr. Helen Kirshner’s program.
  3. The conclusions section which will summarize our personal thoughts regarding the Cellulite Disappear system…

Let’s start!

The Basics

“Cellulite Disappear” is a step-by-step program that promises to help almost any woman get rid of cellulite in as little as 22 days, by using all-natural ways that do not involve any expensive creams, fad diets or exhausting but ineffective exercise routines.

Dr. Helen Kirshner, the creator of the Cellulite Disappear program and an endocrinologist who has suffered from cellulite herself, explains that she started designing her program after she met Dr. Juergen Rubin, a well-known dermatologist and an expert in cellulite who has been conducted in-depth research in this field for more than 20 years. Dr. Juergen’s opinion is that cellulite appears because of the decreased amount of estrogen, the female sex hormone which is naturally produced by the body. He explains that this is actually why anti-cellulite creams and supplements fail to work, as they address the effects rather than the cause, thus being unable to solve the problem of cellulite.

According to Dr. Rubin, this is how cellulite appears:

When the estrogen level in the body is low, the circulating nutrients and the oxygen resources are also low, and the result is a decrease in the collagen production. The orange peel effect characteristic for cellulite is caused by the shrinking of the collagen membrane that occurs as a consequence of the low estrogen amount.

Both Dr. Juergen and Dr. Helen Kirshner believe that the right choice of foods can supply the body with the right amount of nutrients to correct this problem. Many of these foods are readily available in virtually any grocery store, and the only problem is that you have to know the exact amounts to combine in order to benefit from their cellulite reduction effect.

In simple words, this is exactly where the Cellulite Disappear program comes to the rescue, and all of the information regarding the right foods, their amounts, and the best combinations (along with many other topics) are covered by Dr. Helen Kirshner inside the guide.

It is also worth mentioning that two bonuses are also included by Dr. Kirshner with the purchase of the main Cellulite Disappear guide:

1. The “Detox Miracle” guide which will teach you few useful things such as:

  • How to avoid getting chronic illnesses usually caused by the accumulation of toxins and residues in your body.
  • A comprehensive list of toxins contained by various foods, clothing and other products in our environment we get in contact with on a daily basis.
  • Detailed information about natural detoxification and flushing of the body, correct dieting, methods of getting rid of your addictions and many other useful things.

2. The “7-Day Energy Turbo Booster” guide, which focuses about these things:

  • The action of bentonite clay on residues in your colon, action that leads to their elimination.
  • How the way you breathe can influence your energy levels.
  • Useful tips for making the most out of the foods you eat in terms of nutrients and energy, and much more…


The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Natural Solution That Works Pretty Fast

According to online feedback from various users, by following the instructions outlined inside the Cellulite Disappear system you can expect to reduce your cellulite dramatically in just about 3-5 weeks, and to see the first results within 7 to 14 days from your start.

Being a completely natural solution, these are pretty impressive results.

Easy To Integrate In your Daily Schedule

Dr. Helen Kirshner’s system is very easy to integrate in any sort of daily routine. We believe that even extremely busy persons can do some small changes in order to be able to follow this program, as it is designed to take a minimum amount of time and effort.

A Money Saver

If you think about all the anti-cellulite creams and other products you’ve used over the years, you are going to notice you’ve already spent astronomical amounts to get rid of your problem.

For example, a topical anti-cellulite solution that you need to consume on a regular basis usually cost between $40 and $80, while a laser-assisted liposuction procedure costs about $5,000 per session and you need between 4 and 8 sessions, so do the math by yourself.

On the other hand, the Cellulite Disappear program requires only a one-time investment, and the foods you are going to eat are not that expensive either. Of course, you will need to make some efforts yourself when following the program, but you are going to save a lot of money in the process.

Full Refund Policy

Dr. Helen Kirshner trusts her Cellulite Disappear program so much, that she gives a 60-day money back guarantee for each and every user. If after this time you feel the program doesn’t work for you, Dr. Kirshner says she is going to send you all of your money back, no questions asked.

Taking into consideration that noticeable results should be visible in around 2-5 weeks time, this is with no doubt a fair guarantee…


The Cons


The Focus Is Exclusively On Your Diet

While we agree with most of Dr. Kirshner’s considerations inside her guide, our personal belief is that an effective cellulite reduction program should also include an exercise plan. This is not to say the Cellulite Disappear program isn’t effective, however, we believe that women who will integrate anti-cellulite workouts into their daily routine as well, will be able to enjoy even faster results by following this guide.

Exclusively Digital Format

The Cellulite Disappear program is available exclusively in a downloadable edition. You can’t get a hard copy version, unless you decide to print it out yourself after downloading the guide.

You Need To Be Consistent

You can’t simply read the guide and see your cellulite melting away. You have to be committed to follow the instructions each and every day, until you see results. In other words, if you aren’t motivated to commit, you may want to spend your money on something else…

Our Conclusions

As with any other solution for cellulite, the Cellulite Disappear program has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is certainly not a “magic pill to get rid of cellulite overnight”. Having said that, the fact that Dr. Helen Kirshner provides a 60 day money back guarantee for her program gives you the option to try all of her methods and recommendations without any risk at all, something that you probably won’t get with other treatments for cellulite on the market…

Personally, what we really like about “Cellulite Disappear” is that it is a completely natural program which is very easy to integrate in almost any daily schedule, and even extremely busy women should not have problem follow it. In addition, the fact that this is a very reasonably priced solution which requires only one-time investment and doesn’t involve expensive medications or creams is another big plus that can help you save lots of money compared to other treatment options.

Overall, we will recommend any woman that is looking for effective solution for cellulite which doesn’t involve lots of exercises, expensive creams, or dangerous fad diets, to give the Cellulite Disappear program a try.

After all, if after several weeks of following the program you won’t be pleased with the results you get, you can simply ask Dr. Helen Kirshner for a full refund within the eight weeks money back guarantee period…

Value for Money
Quality / Ease of Use