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Your pictures are made of thousands of mega pixels which further break down into a million pixels or picture elements each. Also, the way you capture images with your digital camera is distinctly unlike The Commission Magnet Review how you would go about it with a regular film camera. Here, you need to use the Shutter Release Button which you first press to lock your exposure and focus preferences and then press again to capture the image. You will also want to watch out for the 'Camera Shake' which is responsible for hazy or even distorted images.


Most cameras are preset to the automatic ISO mode where the ISO adjusts itself in keeping with the light conditions of your surroundings. You can even create your signature effect by deciding to adjust the ISO for yourself. Should you choose to do so, bear in mind that the higher the brightness in the surroundings, the lower the ISO needs to be. The converse applies with dim lighting, where you need to set the ISO higher than you normally would. Many digital photographers are plagued by what is known as 'Noise' in the photographs.



This means that their images have random speckles or pixels all over them, thus undermining the clarity of the photograph. To counter this, you can apply the noise reduction feature, but your photograph will not be as minutely detailed as you would want it to be. The larger the photograph, the more prominent the noise in it will be. Hence, a compressed image will not reveal any traces of noise.


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