Memory Repair Protocol Review  


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 Memory Repair Protocol Review

If you are a smoker, the decision to stop smoking is one of the best decisions you will ever make. This is mostly because of the vast improvements that your health will undergo. Some of these changes will occur in as little as twenty minutes from the time you put out your last cigarette. Quitting may be difficult, but it will certainly be worth the stop smoking health benefits.

There are some short-term stop smoking health benefits that you will be able to see almost right away. Twenty minutes after your last cigarette is extinguished, you will see a drop in blood pressure and your pulse rate. The temperature of your hands and feet will slowly increase to normal levels as your body's blood circulation improves. 

Eight hours later, your carbon monoxide levels will drop to normal and your oxygen levels will increase to normal. Before the day is done, your risk of heart attack will decrease. At the forty-eight hour mark, your nerve endings and lung cilia will begin to regenerate and you'll be able to smell and taste everything better.


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