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While there is no established link yet to prove the connection between panic attacks and depression, people have been giving hints that they are indeed connected. Yes, depression might be characterized by having a low energy state, but in reality, there is an inner turmoil on a depressed patient that can trigger panic attacks. People who are depressed feel a sense of anxiety inside. It can also be the reverse: panic attacks can cause depression because the condition itself can be very depressing. The intense fear and nervousness one feels during Old School Body Hacks an attack can make him feel depressed thereafter. Many researchers believe that there is a tight connection between the two but they all have varying theories that suggest the connection. They have different theories as to what triggers what and which of the two will come first: panic attacks or depression. This is mainly attributed to the fact that patients who have both have very varied conditions as well. Here are two of the most common theories they found out and their findings about panic attacks and depression. Depression after the Attack: According to the study done by one of the research groups, people who suffer from chronic pain will most likely experience depression after an attack. Panic attacks itself are very exhausting already.

The fear, nervousness, nausea and drowsiness as well as palpitation and excessive sweating are all very exhausting experiences. People who already suffer from chronic pain and then experience anxiety attack symptoms will most definitely feel exhaustion after. Their bodies are already far too wear to handle the symptoms due to their pain which can make them feel tired and sore after to do anything. This will then lead to depression. People who don't have chronic pain were also reported to have depression after the attack. The thought of experiencing an attack again is what caused them the depression. There are also those who had agoraphobia after as they try to seclude themselves away from the public eye because of the threat that another attack might happen. Not being able to be around people and socialize often lead to depression


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